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We are evolving and are so excited to have you join us on our journey!

Ayni Organics, founded by a husband and wife team, started as just a pregnancy-friendly organic skincare brand. But as our pregnancy journey progressed, we spent a huge amount of time researching, talking to experts and trialling the best holistic parenting principles and products. In this process, we uncovered an array of beautiful natural products which we are now thriled to stock in our online store. Think of Ayni Organics as your one-stop-shop for natural, healthy living - with new products being added weekly. 

OUR MISSION is to create a SUPPORTIVE-LOVING community for like minded Mamas, with access to to the BEST holistic health info and products.



The First Trimester Facial Elixir was a life saver when I first fell pregnant! It is so light weight and silky, and I love that it is pregnancy friendly! 


As a new Mum, I have really been enjoying reading the Mums & Bubs Wellness interviews each week! It's nice to have a natural perspective presented on parenting.


The Mother's Milk - Colic Relief Tea Blend has been an absolute life saver! Bubs is settling much quicker and easier after each feed. THANK YOU!!!


Mums & Bubs wellness series

Sorca - Crescent Moon Australia | Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is becoming more common in Western society but did you know, ingestion of the placenta has been part of Chinese medicine for centuries? So what exactly is placenta encapsulation? And what are the benefits? We talk to Sorca from Crescent Moon Australia who explains the process of placenta encapsulation and how you can benefit from ingesting your own placenta.

Cindy Fenn - Award Winning Hypnobirthing Birthing Australia ™ Practitioner

Ever dreamt about having an empowered birth? Do you believe that birth is a natural process and should be treated as such? Have you ever wondered how some women birth their babies calmy and gently without pain relief? If you have, then you MUST read this weeks interview. We talk to Cindy, a hypnobirthing practitioner, who sheds some light on what Hypnobirthing really is and how the program is beneficial not just for mums-to-be, but also their birth partners. Be prepared to never view birth the same again.

Bus Life with Natalie the Nudie!

This week we talk to an inspiring Aussie Mum, Natalie, who has outgrown societies expectations, left behind traditional life and now lives on the road full time with her husband and gorgeous son. She tells us what it is like living in a bus with a toddler, what her plans are for schooling and advice for Mums who are seeking a change.