Bus Life with Natalie the Nudie!

Hi Natalie, it’s great you have you on board for this series. I personally love your story, as it’s something very close to my heart, living and travelling in a bus. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? 
Yes of course! Hi guys, my name is Natalie - me and my partner Zac and our almost 2 year old boy Tallow, live full-time in a Toyota Coaster bus travelling through Australia. We share our journey through my youtube channel and instagram "Natalie The Nudie". At first, these accounts were just a way for me to connect with other mothers, but as it started to grow and we started to play with the idea of buying and converting a bus into our tiny house, it became so much more! It has blossomed into a creative outlet for me to share our alternative lifestyle and all the things we are passionate about (gentle parenting, slow living, veganism, yummy recipes, mindful living, positive affirmations etc).
When did you decide to leave behind ‘normal’ life, move into a bus and start living slowly, more consciously? Was there a definitive event that happened, and you were like hey, let’s change things up, or, was it a goal that you had worked towards for a while?
I feel like both Zac and me had had this in our minds for a while. We had both travelled the world from a young age and when we met we shared the same passions and desires for a simple, slow lifestyle, living sustainably and moving away from what we both knew to be a broken society - we also always knew we would have children together, from the moment we met! It just made sense as we both evolved over the years, to do something like this.
What is your favourite thing about living on the road?
Just the simple things. The fact that we get to be together all day everyday, the fact that neither of Tallows parents miss out on any pivotal moments of his growth at such a sacred time of his life. The biggest thing for us was definitely that we knew we had to find a way to raise our children TOGETHER, and spend as much time together as possible.
What is the trickiest thing about raising a family on the road?
It can be overwhelming, A LOT of the time. Living in a small space with an active toddler is definitely a challenge. And of course, being on top of each other all the time can sometimes cause conflict between me and Zac... but I feel we work it all really well it give each other space and time when needed.
How would you describe your parenting style?
Hmmm, I guess we use a "gentle parenting" approach, but really I don't see how there can be any other parenting approach than this.
Do you plan on settling in a place for a while when Tallow is old enough to go to school, or do you have other plans?
Right now we plan to unschool Tallow, so we will see! But we definitely have hopes and dreams of owning our own land one day with enough room for our children to move around and thrive, and with our own veggie garden, living as much of the land as we can. 🙂
You often speak about the importance of self-care. What sort of things do you do to nourish your soul, and what would you recommend to busy mums out there? Oh, self-care is SOOOO important... sometimes I suck at self-care but that never lasts long because I always end up snapping and going back to my routines of self-care. My fave self-care hobbies are yoga, journaling, reading, big walks out in nature usually listening to a podcast, speaking affirmations to myself, and nourishing my body with healthy foods, but also indulging in foods I love daily!!
For a lot of women out there, they would be thinking that this sort of lifestyle is not achievable for them. What would you say to these women? 
If you can see it in your mind, it is achievable. The only limit on your life is that which you place upon yourself. And if you still think this is unachievable for you then you probably need to start changing your perspective!! Believe in yourself, choose love, not fear.
For our readers out there that want to follow your journey and connect, where can they reach you?
On Instagram or through my Youtube channel 🙂 @nataliethenudie or search Natalie The Nudie on YT.
We like to finish all our interviews with the same question. If you were only able to leave one piece of advice for mums and mums-to-be out there, what would it be?
You are enough, and your children chose you for a reason - when it all seems too much, remember that.

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  • Love Natalie the Nudie! Women like her are such an inspiration!


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